Support for displaced and at‑risk scholars

Thu 10 Mar 2022 12:38

Mid Sweden University stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian scientific community. Finding ways to help displaced or at-risk scholars to continue their scientific work is essential.

Ukrainska flaggan som fladdrar i vinden.

Academic freedom, research and education are vital to societal development and the disruption caused in this area will bring further, long-term harm, even after the war has ended. 

− We will put our solidarity into practice by doing what we can to support scholars who have been displaced by the war in Ukraine or scholars that are now at risk for speaking out against the Russian military campaign, says Vice chancellor Anders Fällström.  

The support the university can provide will vary depending on the subject and a variety of other factors. Therefore, all requests will be looked at individually and on an ongoing basis. 

Scholars from Ukraine who need help, wish to continue their research and are open to living in one of our campus towns, Sundsvall or Östersund, should contact, and provide the following details:


Many universities across Europe and the world are taking action to support displaced and at-risk scholars. Science for Ukraine – is a website where universities can register the help they are able to provide.

Scholars at Risk – is an organization dedicated to the protection of academic freedom and threatened scholars. Scholars who are threatened because of their research or for speaking out against their government are advised to apply for assistance via SAR’s secure submission facility


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